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Beulah TV has a variety of programmes aimed at edifying the lives of all who watch it in various ways. Our programmes are suitable for viewing by all. Below is a list of some programmes that we air on Beulah TV;

Saving Grace

This is a 5 to 15 minutes segment in which Prophet T.P. Elias (or any of our guests) reveals the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ through biblical teaching as well life experiences, in order to inspire as well as mould viewers towards understanding and believing God's power to save.

I Am Saved

Through this programme, we see the massage of Christ being preached and rightly disected at Gates of Heaven Network through Prophet T.P. Elias as well as different other brothers and sisters in the kingdom of God. It is a live transmission of God's power at work.

The Shunamite Woman

This programme exist to encourage the women in God's kingdom as well as prepares them for the various roles and duties of service as children of God. It is highly focused on serving through substance and deeds. The programme tres to instill humility among the women and it is directed and presented by Rev. Resego T.P. Elias or any of our guests in a particular time.

Health Matters

It is amazing how we often neglet our physical health and attribute all things to the spiritual world. Jesus made it clear that those who are sick need a physician. He exaults the knowledge in them as He is the one who gave it. Therefore through this programme we look at many health issues ranging from public health, medical, surgical etc. This programme utelises the assistance of qualified medical and health professionals, some of which are members of Gates of Heaven Network to unfold disease; it's cause, treatment, prevention etc.


So many things and blessings happen in people's lives after being in contact with Prophet T.P. Elias, Gates of Heaven Network, Beulah TV or even with brothers and sisters within Beulah Land. Through this programme we get to hear those inspiring stories of what wonderful things our God has done in those many lives through His great power.


As a Prophet, T.P. Elias often gives messages of prophecy to individuals, nations and the whole world as inspired by the Holy Spirit. We then review those messages in this programme as well as work tirelessly by keeping a very close eye on the daily events of the world to bring their confirmations to light.